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Scandinavia’s biggest car and motorcycle show - Jönkoping 2022

Alvis TA 21  1951 
Bengt-Arne Johansson
Oskartstrom, Sweden

The car was manufactured between 1950 and 1953. The model was manufactured in 1314 copies. A total of 33 Alvis TAs were sold to Sweden between 1951 and 1952

VOLVO PV 544   1961

Chevrolet Impala 1965

 Ford C-cab 1923 
Mikael Fredriksson - Skultuna, Sweeden

Dennis Nilsson TF

Engine: TFX500
Fuel: 90% Nitro
0 - 160 km/h - 0.7s
0 - 500 km/h 4s
10.000 - 12.000 hp!
length: 9m

Micke Nord

Engine: 521HEMI
Fuel: Methanol
Best ET:  3.81s  1/8mile
60ft 0.93s

 Ford Roadter 1932 
  Jimmie Engstedt
Fjugesta, Sweeden 
  Harley-Davidson knucklehead 1949
Christer Vestergren
Stockholm, Sweeden

 Hyundai Batcar genesis 2011
Andreas Berggren
Alvesta, Sweeden

Mercury M250 1956
Tore Skaaland
Tvedestrand, Norway

VW-rod med flak

It was a project started, but at the same time basically a big shell. This is how Jerry Lindblad from Laholm describes his VW-rod pickup that he bought in 2018. The following year, it was picked up together with, among other things, a new front trailer, modifications at the rear and a nicely creatively executed interior. Not least, there is a motor-driven flat hatch over the newly built 1600 engine at the rear.

- It was ready for Elmia 2020, which was canceled, but we hope to get a chance to show it again, he says.

Galag Batmobile by Caresto
Leif Tufvesson
Angelholm, Sweeden

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