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Robert Wadlow - Tallest human ever!

Why did Wadlow grow so tall during his childhood?
His pituitary gland was also compromised by hypertrophy during his childhood, but not by a tumour. His pituitary gland was affected by a different medical condition.

Aged eight, he overtook his 5-ft 11-in-tall (180.3-cm) tall father, Harold Wadlow towered over his four younger siblings when most kids were still being carried by their parents. Robert was old enough to lift his father up the stairs of their family home when most kids were still being carried there by their parents.

Robert's phenomenal height resulted in many medical problems, though, which worsened as he aged and taller. However, when he was young, he tried his hardest to take part in the same activities his classmates were doing. For example, he became a Boy Scout at the age of 13, and owned a custom-made uniform, tent, and sleeping bag.

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