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Japanese quail eggs - cheap superfood

For several centuries, scientific studies have been conducted in Japan and China, and in the last 7-8 decades in Russia, Hungary, England, Italy, France, Germany, America and Canada, and Japanese quails have been bred. It has been scientifically proven how healing their quail eggs, meat and broth are. The healing effect has a beneficial effect on the human body, especially on the bloodstream, heart, liver and kidneys. They are very successful in treating migraines, bronchial asthma, anemia, high blood pressure, nervous tension, heart disease, blood fats, and digestive disorders.
For people who are anemic (number of erythrocytes in ml of blood), medicine recommends eating foods that have a lot of iron (Fe)! Young iron has the most iron in the meat that a person consumes. For the sake of comparison, one egg of a Japanese quail, which has an average of 12-13 grams, contains more iron than 1.5 kg of beef!
Japanese quail eggs, compared to chicken, contain 5 times more phosphorus, 7 times more iron, 10 times more b-complex vitamins (b1, b2, b6, b12). They also contain vitamins a, e, c, then 11% of minerals, potassium and very important enzymes that slow down the aging process of cells and the organism as a whole.
# Japanese quail eggs and meat are very useful for: developing children,
# regeneration of the organism,
# dietitians and
#recovalescents (people recovering from illness or surgery).

Athletes around the world use quail eggs as "permitted doping" in order to achieve better fitness of the organism.
Quail eggs are a real energy "pearl" for our body, so they should be consumed regularly, as a preventive measure, above all.
The Japanese quail is one of the most resistant birds on the planet, which is very valuable and important when it comes to bird flu!
Japanese and Russian scientists have repeated a very simple experiment several times: at the same time, they radioactively irradiated domestic coca and Japanese quail coca. After a month, the eggs of domestic hens kept the radioactivity, and the quail eggs were completely healthy !!!
So, science concludes that the "secret" is in the perfect metabolism that nature gave to the Japanese quail ...
Another experiment: domestic coca and Japanese quail were fed identical food. The eggs laid by Japanese quails differ drastically in their bio-chemical composition! What is most obvious - a hard-boiled chicken egg is full of cholesterol, while a quail egg contains only good cholesterol and traces of it!
In developed countries, quail eggs are used to make cosmetics (I can send those interested very simple recipes that are used to care for oily and dry skin and hair)!

Consumption of quail eggs to improve health:
they are drunk only once a day in the morning, 30-60 minutes before breakfast!
The first three days, three eggs are taken, and later 4 or 5 pieces, raw-live eggs.
Since many do not like the taste of raw eggs, there are many ways that this drink can be made as a juice, for example:
in a 2 dl glass, beat the eggs by hand or with a mixer (together egg whites and yolks). Then a tablespoon of orange syrup, lemon, called ... is added to the beaten eggs ... Honey or sugar can be added (except for diabetics) - as it suits. Then the glass is filled with plain (non-carbonated) water and all this is mixed together and drunk in 3-4 sips!
What is very important: eggs must be raw-alive because that is how they give a full effect in the treatment.

Medicine recommends:
Disease Number of eggs
high blood pressure 120
anemia 120
atherosclerosis 240
bronchial asthma 240
gastritis 240
diabetes 240
migraine 240
cholesterol and triglycerides 240
indigestion 240
severe asthma 1080

Note: Salmonella bacteria that attack meat, milk, cheese and eggs develop at temperatures of 8 degrees and above. That is why science recommends that all these foods be stored in the refrigerator where the temperature is 1-4 degrees.

The shelf life of quail eggs is 60 days, provided that they are stored in the refrigerator. After this period, they can be thermally processed (cooked, fried) and consumed.

Personal example: due to increased fats in the blood (triglycerides), for many years I avoided e.g. chicken egg scrambled eggs that I love to eat. Ever since I started breeding Japanese quail, my wife has completely thrown chicken eggs out of use and everything she makes from eggs is used exclusively by quail! In addition to consuming raw quail eggs every morning, we often have quail meat and scrambled eggs on the table.

Very important: science has determined and proved that only fertilized eggs are healing ! This means that if a quail hen lays an egg without the presence of roosters, such an egg is not fertilized, that is. not healing !

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