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Meet ‘Lotan Baba’ Who Has Covered 30,000 Kilometres By Rolling Around

 Lotan Baba
Mohan Das, more commonly known as Lotan 
Baba is an Indian holy man promoting peace by rolling his body along the ground when he travels. He claims to have covered 30,000 kilometers to
various cities in India, including Kashmir. Witnesses report Mohan travels on average roughly 10-12 kilometers a day rolling on the ground, at times smoking while in motion.
Lotan Baba” which translates to the rolling saint, travels by rolling on the ground and aims to promote peace. Lotan Baba claimed to have already covered 30,000 kilometers, rolling on the surface across the nation. He said that he has even been to Kashmir and first set off from his hometown of Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh.

Lotan Baba

The rolling Baba got famous when he tried to roll over into Pakistan from India on the India-Pakistan border. Officials at the Wagah border in Punjab stopped the saint and informed him that he would require a passport and a visa to enter Pakistan.

When asked about his purpose of the visit, Baba said that he wanted to visit the holy sites in Pakistan including the Sikh shrine of Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Guru Nanak. He also holds the Guinness World Record for longest rolling at 15,846 kilometers.Occasionally helpers walk alongside side him and move stones out of his way
He rolled – at a smart pace – across Rajasthan’s burning deserts and survived Delhi’s surreal traffic. He splashed along roads oozing with monsoon rain and mud, and, finally, ground himself into a low rolling gear for the uphills.

This saint is rolling into Battersea, he claims, for ‘World Peace and Harmony’. But Lotan Baba has another, more private reason for visiting London: he wants to see the Guinness Book of Records people. ‘My only wish now is for my feat to be recorded in the Guinness Book,’ he beamed.
Lotan Baba’s readiness to roll may perhaps have another explanation: he has also, as penance, spent seven years standing upright, rooted to one spot under his village banyan tree.
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